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Save or Splurge: Nursery Edition

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After sharing pictures of Remy’s nursery a couple months back, I’ve frequently been asked where I scored certain items and what pieces to invest in. This got me thinking, if I’d known then what I know now regarding what nursery items actually get used, would I spend my money the same way? I know there is still time for Remy to grow and actually use her room, so this might not be the same as it might be in say 1 year, but I thought today I’d share a small list of items worth investing in for your nursery, as well as items that you can save a couple bucks on.


I would suggest splurging on a good, stable crib. Cribs can be found in almost any shape, color and size, so consider purchasing the perfect one for the space you’ve got to work with. You can also find convertible cribs that can eventually convert into a toddler bed when your wee one gets older. A convertible crib might be pricey up front but you’d be saving money later down the road.

Another item I would consider spending a little extra cash on is a baby monitor. Currently we have an audio one, which is fine if you’re going to be in the next room for a while, but I eventually want to invest in video monitor. It will give me the peace of mind I need to start having Remy sleep in the crib in her nursery and take away that fear I have that I can’t monitor her during the night.

In my quest to decorate Remy’s nursery, I wondered whether or not a glider chair was necessary. Let me assure you, I personally think it is. Invest in one that is comfortable for nighttime feedings, as well as one that fits elsewhere in your home when it is no longer needed in the nursery. I already have ours destined for a nice reading nook in our bedroom.


First off, you want to choose pieces of furniture that will be useful long term, this will save you money in the long haul. Consider buying refurbished or secondhand pieces that can be found at thrift stores, yard sales, or even on Craigslist. By selecting furniture that will essentially grow and change with baby, you are saving yourself a ton of money on what possibly be a big ticket item.

When you finally decide on a theme or a color scheme for your nursery, the excitement of all the specialized bedding options can be a bit overwhelming. Bedding is an item on your checklist that can easily be too much too soon. Resist the temptation to buy. You baby won’t need that fancy bedding until way down the road, so skip it. Just purchase the essentials: a sheet set.

Final Tips:

  • Ask friends and family for any items they may longer need.
  • Use Pinterest as a resource for renovating pieces that may still have a little life in them.
  • When you decide to put a stop to the baby making, consider reselling items that are gently used and still in good condition.

Mom’s, sound off! What are nursery items you would suggest splurging or saving on? 


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