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Happy Thanksgiving, my friends! This is my favorite holiday, but not just for the food. Thanksgiving allows me to reflect on what I’m thankful for, brings family together, and makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. I’m so excited to share this holiday with Remy for the first time, and as a family of three for the first time! Today I thought I’d share 30 things I am thankful for and prompt you to share what you’ve been thankful for lately too!

FYI – I borrowed this idea from one of my favorite bloggers, Kelsey of Words of Williams, who does a monthly post on what she’s thankful for every month. Come 2014, I plan on starting a similar series for the year as a way to look back at all of the amazing things that life has to offer:)

  1. Remy Maryn.
  2. A supportive and loyal readership. I cannot thank you enough for your sweet comments, tweets, and emails!
  3. A husband who watches Remy while I dedicate time at the gym.
  4. Chilly Fall days in Arizona.
  5. My view of the mountains when I drive home from work.
  6. A job. While I may hate it, I’m grateful I have one.
  7. A baby girl that smiles when I make funny faces.
  8. A simpler wardrobe.
  9. Amazing In-Law’s.
  10. My post-baby butt!
  11. A husband that has been patient with me, even when I’m hard to live with.
  12. A great sweat inducing, barely breathing workout.
  13. Pacifiers.
  14. A God that is patient with me, as I fumble around this thing called life.
  15. A growing balance on Poshmark from sales that are sure to help me buy Christmas presents.
  16. Outstanding Gap cardholder perks!
  17. A baby that allows me to sleep through the night.
  18. That Justin Timberlake is making music again.
  19. Better health insurance come January!
  20. Concealer that has been working miracles.
  21. Sweater and boots weather.
  22. A sister that feels comfortable enough to share her college shenanigans with me.
  23. Puppies that love me even though I’ve been neglecting them since Remy’s arrival.
  24. Baby toes.
  25. Warm, comfy, oversized sweaters.
  26. Chapstick.
  27. Friendships that start up where they left off without a hitch.
  28. Figuring out the trick to keeping up my milk supply.
  29.  A God that has blessed me with a family of my own.
  30. Tacos. They are just so delicious!


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