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Tips for Working-Out While Nursing

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Getting fit while breastfeeding requires a lot of balance. Balance physically and nutritionally. Since beginning the #FitNFabFallChallenge I’ve had to adjust the way I normally workout. Mind you, I waited almost 16 weeks to hit the gym, (typically doctors clear you at 6 weeks) so my regular workouts weren’t drastically altered but there were a few thing I had to reconsider. Today I thought I would share some tips for momma’s out there ready to get back into their gym regimen that are also nursing their new bundle of joy. Obviously I am no expert, so please talk to your physician if you have any questions about fitness after baby.

  • Listen to your body. While you think you may be able to go another mile or add an extra 10lbs to your weights, consider easing into to it. You may be fully convinced that you can start up where you left off before baby but your body is still healing, so let it heal. Start off with low-impact activity before fully diving in to your regular routine.
  • Keep yourself extra hydrated. Obviously when working out you want to stay hydrated but it is especially important if you are nursing. If you’re dehydrated your body then tries to allocate water from other areas in your body i.e. your breast milk. You don’t want to steal essential nutrients from your little one, so drink extra H2O before and after workouts.
  • I highly suggest that you breastfeed or pump before working out. You’ll find that working out is more uncomfortable if your breasts are engorged with milk and it can become extremely painful. So pump it and dump it!
  • Wear a supportive sports bra. This goes without saying but it may take a couple sports bras to get the full support needed to be able to run/jump/do anything comfortably. I myself wear 2 compression type sports bras to get the job done.

*Note: I experienced a drop of milk production when I started working out. I consulted my physician and was recommended to up my water consumption (as noted above) and to continue taking my prenatal vitamins. In a matter of days everything went back to normal! Again, I would suggest talking to your doctor if you are experiencing any problems.

Momma’s, I would love to get your tips on fitness while nursing! Please share!


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