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Real Talk: Blogger Pet Peeves

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Today I thought I would air the long list of pet peeves I have for the blogging world. Think of this as a topic in Peter Griffen’s You know what really grinds my gears’ segment. I assume I’m not the only person that feels this why so I would love to hear some of the gripes you might have against bloggers.

Let’s think of this as a fun cathartic exercise, shall we?

  1. ‘Read More’ posts. I usually don’t click through posts with the ‘read more’ feature should be reserved for lengthy, wordy posts but again that’s my personal opinion.
  2. When you can tell for a fact that there’s absolutely nothing in that clutch the blogger is carrying. Really, why include it in your post if you aren’t truthfully wearing it? That makes me questions the bloggers authenticity.
  3. I don’t understand the bloggers that share outfits that they don’t really wear. I once read a post where the blogger actually disclosed with her readers that she only wore that outfit for the blog. Not for real life. C’mon!
  4. When all the pieces the blogger is wearing are courtesy of (c/o) items. I can’t take a blogger seriously, as far as authenticity goes, when everything they are wearing was gifted from a sponsor to have those pieces promoted to a specific demographic. Is this me being jealous, perhaps, but I question a bloggers true style.
  5. When a blogger dresses for a season that they are not experiencing yet, i.e. dressing for fall/winter when it’s 90 degrees outside. Um hello, I can see the sweat trickling down your face! I’m not going to lie, I’m guilty of this crime;)
  6. I understand when certain brands (ahem, Old Navy and TJ Maxx) have a certain day they need bloggers to share a sponsored post, but can we space this out across a week? It becomes repetitive and obnoxious, and when almost all of the bloggers you follow have the same exact content on their blog it becomes boring.
  7. When a blogger shares a link that does not open up a new window but opens content in the same window. I’m not sure if people haven’t figured out that this is bad for their site. If I go to this new page most likely I’m not coming back to yours. Just saying.
  8. No words. This is specific to fashion/style blogs. By no words I mean the blogger is sharing images of her look but not offering a story about her day, her look, or her life. One of the reasons I love reading blogs is not only for the inspiration but to get a look inside someone else’s life, whether they include personal stories or not. Give me something! A style tip, a fleeting message about how busy you are, a funny anecdote, something!
  9. Group giveaways. So let me get this straight: a bunch of bloggers chip in their own money to provide a gift card to readers for follows via social media? Is that weird to anyone else?
  10. When pictures aren’t the same width size! This drives me crazy. It’s very displeasing to the eye when the width size of the images shared on a bloggers site are different. There’s no flow!

 Now it’s your turn! What are some blogger pet peeves that drive you crazy?


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