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A couple days ago, while at Forever 21, I had an epiphany. I dropped the flannel shirt in my hands and rushed home to type out this revelation. Hey, everything is bloggable. In any case, back to the epiphany. When I first started blogging I wanted to please my potential audience, you know fit a certain mold, be what ‘they’ want you to be, etc. I’m pretty sure all bloggers experience this need to please and build their readership. You buy the must-have bags and shoes, you reference all the hot SEO words, and you try and befriend all the right bloggers.

But then there comes a time when you realize that you can’t please everyone. This time came for me a while ago, but every now and again I fall back into that stink hole that is jealousy. Ah, what a fickle mistress she is, that jealously. She crawls her way into my subconscious and her whispers of sweet nothings slowly begin to haunt me at night.

Truth be told, when I shop I consider the likability of any certain item that might appear on the blog. There I said it. Trust me when I say that I’m probably not the only blogger that does that. And you’re right, it’s a ridiculous notion. I try hard not to buy into all the hoopla and drink the Kool-Aid, but when you see your virtual friends grow and get exposure it’s hard to not feel FOMO (fear of missing out).

All that just to introduce you to my new black on black Chuck Taylors. These were a little gift to myself after hitting a small #FitNFabFallChallenge goal. (Don’t worry; I’m sure I’ll find time to write up a little post with my progress.) When I bought these sneakers I was also considering purchasing cut-out booties. I stood there, considering how much I would wear one or the other, and wondered which pair of shoes would have a better impact on the blog. Stupid! I laughed and told myself to get over myself, walked to the register and purchased the Chuck’s.


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