Remy – Four Months Old

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I am still in awe at how much Remy has grown! I recently went through the photos on my phone (the majority of them being of Remy, obvi) and was shocked at the progress of her growth; it’s amazing to see how her face has changed in just the last couple weeks! While month 3 brought subtle changes and developmental growth to my little Miss, this past month has been the complete obsolete. She’s matured so much both physically and mentally this last month, and is constantly a joy to be around. Shall we get to this month’s update?


Routine: Not much has changed as far as our family routine goes since last month. My father-in-law left the first weekend of November and then Kevin was off the subsequent week, so Remy remained at home in a familiar environment.

On the 12th we officially enrolled Remy into daycare and she went full-time (from 8am to approximately 4:30pm) for the remainder of the week. However my mother-in-law is here for the rest of November, so she’s back at home with grandma which is nice and cost effective! As far as her first week in daycare, Remy seemed happy and normal after I’d pick her up every day, so no permanent damage has been made (JK!). Her ‘class’ is full of cute little ones, which I hope to be her friends as they transition from class to class. Come December Remy will be back in daycare full-time.

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Napping/Sleeping: After her morning feeding (roughly around 5:15am during the work week) she goes back to sleep without any trouble. After her ‘breakfast’ feeding she’s usually up for about 45 minutes before she takes her morning nap, which can last between 1-3 hours. During the weekends she usually lets us sleep in until 7, which is awesome. I simply put her pacifier back in her mouth and she’s out like a light.

I’m proud to say that Remy is a good sleeper (knock on wood!). When she does give us a hard time at night it doesn’t take much to get her back to sleep, but that doesn’t happen too often anymore. During the day, as long as she gets in a lengthy afternoon nap, she’s good to go for a good night’s rest.

Unfortunately she isn’t sleeping in her crib yet, but this is because of me. I like to have her close by where I can catch a glimpse of her if I get nervous throughout the night (it tends to happen at least once a night). I know the transition should happen soon but I’m going to enjoy this time with her in our bedroom.

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Eating: Remy is now on a timed schedule of feeding every 3 hours, which has made it easier to plan our days around, especially on weekends. She is currently taking 5 oz. per feeding, except for her last feeding before bed which consists of me nursing her then giving her 3 oz. of formula. At her 4 month wellness checkup the pediatrician had given us the thumbs up to start including baby oatmeal into her diet. I was hesitant to do so because I wanted her exclusively on breast milk (and formula every now and then), but have since changed my mind. For her ‘dinner’ I now nurse her and then tap her off with a small bowl of oatmeal (approximately 2 oz.). She seems to really like it, but gets frustrated because it’s not something she can easily drink. Essentially most of the oatmeal ends up on her bib;) We are still working on this!

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Growth: I’ve got stats to share with you this time around! Miss Remy weighed in at a whopping 14lbs 6oz, placing her in the 62 percentile for her age group. She measured in at 25 ¾ inches long, placing her in the 94 percentile! Since both Kevin and I are above average height, I knew she’d be tall, but it’s still cool to see the comparisons for her age group. Her head circumference measured in at 16 inches; the girls got a dome on her! Better for knowledge storage, I suppose;)

For this last checkup she had to get the same vaccines she was given at her 2 month checkup. This time I had Kevin come, so he held her down while the shots were being administered. I obviously swooped in afterwards to sooth her and save the day. Poor thing cried but calmed down fairly quickly.

During her checkup we also got confirmation that 2 teeth are coming in! They are on the bottom of her gums ready to bust through. This explains the extra drool and her shoving everything into her mouth. I guess I’ll be buying an Amber Teething Ring sooner that I had anticipated!

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  • Remy is growing to be a lot like her parents. She’s such a calm and chill baby. At church I often get told how good she is during the service. I’m sure this won’t last but for the time being I’m going be happy that we can take her anywhere and she’ll sit back and take in her surroundings.
  • After spotting this pin on Pinterest it brought me back to that inspiring scene in the movie The Help where Viola Davis’ character, Aibileen Clark, repeats the following phrase to one of the children she cares for: “You is smart, you is kind, you is important”. It has prompted me to sing song the following phrase to Remy when we’re playing, ‘You are strong, you are smart, you are sassy!’ She loves it and gives me a little smile of acknowledgment everytime I say it. I also think she likes the word sassy!
  • Remember this post? I ranted about how I’m scared Remy will forget about me now that I’m back at work? Well whenever I pick her up from daycare she gives me a smile of recognition that warms my heart. My fears have greatly subsided.
  • Currently her bestfriend is Sophie the Giraff!
  • Remy likes when I play back videos of her from my phone. She smiles and tries to talk to the baby talking back at her! It’s the cutest thing EVER!
  • Since I’ve started working out again, I occasionally take her to the gym with me. My gym offers a daycare for children 3 months and up, and Remy has become a favorite amongst the caregivers!
  • Remy reaches for everything! Her favorites have become my hair, my earrings, and my hand when I’m nursing her. That last one I don’t mind very much:)

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Recently I’ve been realizing that Remy will only be this small, this precious, and this age once. I’ve been trying to memorize every smile, every look of admiration, and every moment because time is fleeting, and every day she’s growing and becoming her own person. I get sad but then remember that I have many great moments ahead. The first time she sits up independently, her first word, her first step, the list is endless! I’m excited to experience all those firsts right there by her side every step of the way. God, I love her!


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