The Rush

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So I’ve consistently been working out for almost a week and boy do I feel fantastic! Let me elaborate, the fantastic feeling isn’t because of any transformations, that has yet to be seen, but that old feeling of accomplishment, the rush, the triumph after a great workout was something I had been desperately missing. I didn’t think I needed that physical struggle to clear my mind, but lately I’ve felt a sense of clarity and calm. I totally get that working out is great for mental stability but I personally didn’t think I needed any. I did. While the feeling of impending doom still presents itself when I get home from work and don’t want to head to the gym, I’ve found the inner strength to feed Remy, get dressed, and make that short drive to the gym, or to go on that run, or to pop in that workout DVD. Afterwards I feel victorious over that ‘doom’ and can’t wait till the next victory!

Well that’s it for today! Just needed to share these thoughts;)

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*photo by Brenda Eden Photography

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