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Happy Friday, my lovelies! So tomorrow marks the start of my 30 day paleo challenge! I’m super excited to get my butt back into gear and ready to stop making excuses. This paleo challenge will work in conjunction with Beth’s #FitNFabFallChallenge which is taking place via Instagram. I will occasionally check-in here on the blog with my progress but I will actually be micro blogging my journey via Instagram, so if you’d like to follow along you can find me at @joannealma!

About this time you might be asking yourself what I mean when I say that I’ll be micro blogging my journey. Essentially I’ll be utilizing my Instagram account to post workouts, healthy recipes, triumphs, failures, etc. This will (1) not put too much pressure on me to have a weekly post on the blog and (2) still hold my mildly accountable. Nevertheless I am hoping to still post the aforementioned here but I won’t be stressed to do so.

So here it is, 16 weeks since Remy’s birth and this is my post-baby body. During my pregnancy I gained a total of 48 pounds and without exercise and diet I lost 40lbs, however I’ve recently gain a couple back on. Today I weight 152. My goal weight is 140lbs, which was what I weighed pre-pregnancy. Note I don’t plan to lose 12 pounds within these next 30 days. My goal weight is something I plan on achieving within the next couple of months, no rush. Slow and steady wins the race, my friends.

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Disclaimer: This challenge currently has a lifespan of 30 days but I want this to basically become a lifestyle. I’d like to also point out that I plan on modifying my food intake vs. the paleo diet. I fully understand that because I am breastfeeding that I still have to eat a certain amount of calories in order to produce a sufficient amount of milk. Breastfeeding burns roughly 300 to 500 calories a day, so I must modify how many calories I’m taking in versus exercise versus breastfeeding in order to lose the weight in a healthy manner.


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