TOP TEN: Makeup Shelf Life

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Every woman has her go-to makeup arsenal. One’s makeup bag is as important as the right pair of shoes, for this reason I think that every woman should also know the shelf life of her makeup. Bacteria can easily be transmitted from old makeup and makeup tools and nobdy wants pink eye, so today I thought I would share a very crucial PSA on the shelf life of the most used items in that special little bag of ours.

  1. Mascara – every 3-4 months
  2. Foundation (opened) – 6-12 months; (unopened) – 2 years
  3. Concealer – 1-2 years
  4. Face powder – 2 years
  5. Powder blush – 2 years; Cream or liquid – 1 year
  6. Eyeshadow – 3 months
  7. Pencil eyeliner/ Liquid eyeliner – 3 months
  8. Lipstick – 1-2 years
  9. Makeup brushes – 1-2 years if cleaned properly (clean every 1-2 months with shampoo)
  10. Sponges – 1 month (wash weekly)


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