Real Talk Series

Hello, friends and thanks so much for stopping by! I’ve decided to introduce a new series to the blog dubbed Real Talk. With this series I hope to write about some more serious issues that I might be experiencing, whether its about fashion, motherhood, blogging, health, etc. But let’s get real here, the series might touch on topics that might be fun and goofy too, so let’s not take it too seriously;)

I hope you enjoy the series and please leave your thoughts on any given issue being shared! I want this to be an open forum, so whether you agree, agree to disagree, or want to offer advice or suggestions, please know that this is the space to do so!

Come back soon, I’ll be sharing the first Real Talk post a little later today. Depending on its success (and on how busy I am with my responsibilities as a wife and a mother) I’d ideally like to make this a weekly series, but let’s play it by ear, shall we?


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