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3 Tips for Flying with a Baby

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After traveling back east with Miss Remy a couple weeks back I thought I would share some tips for traveling with an infant that seemed to have work for us. Before taking my maternity leave I polled co-workers for some advice on how to travel with children. While some advice didn’t take some were surefire suggestions that did the trick for seamless, almost cry-free travel.


+Invest in a carrier – we purchased ours at a baby consignment shop but they can be found at your local Target or Walmart. Carriers allow you to be hands free during the entire security check, which also allows you to move faster through the process. TSA will let you go through the scanning with the carrier on, they just swipe your hands with a special paper that detects bomb residue.

+Check car seats and strollers – by checking your car seats and strollers at the gate (for free!) you can push it around in the airport with baby and carry-on without the hassle of lugging all the ‘extras’ around.

However by pushing the car seat and/or stroller around this can cause a delay during the security check. Breaking it down and setting it all back up can be a pain, and if it doesn’t fit through the belt TSA will have to search it manually.

Through experience we checked our car seat and stroller when we checked our bags and used our Ergo carrier (explained above) during our time at the airport.

+Dress your baby in comfortable clothing – there’s no need for cute, elaborate ensembles especially while traveling. The bathrooms in an airplane barely fits a normal sized adult, so dressing your child in easy, accessible clothing makes it easier on you when the time comes to change their diaper.

*Last tip that I forgot to include – feed baby during take of and while the plane is descending, this will keep them preoccupied during the change in cabin pressure.


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