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Currently Craving: 3yr Anniversary Edition

photo cc_zpsecca842f.jpg

Elephant Gray | Sapphire Blue

On October 7th the boy and I celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary. That’s three blissful years of marriage with my best friend, my lover, and now the father of my baby girl. Every year Kevin and I go the traditional route and gift each other the customary anniversary gift, and this year is no different. My leather gift of choice? The infamous Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C.

I’ve wanted this stunner for a while now but have been reluctant for 2 reasons. One because everyone and their mom owns one and the more obvious choice because of the price point. I’ve already warned the boy that what I wanted was way out of our budge but I thought I would ask anyways. You don’t know unless you ask, right?

So hopefully come Monday, October 7th I’ll be sporting one of the beauties above! And if not, this tote bag is definitely on my wish list too!


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