TOP TEN: The Diaper Bag

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When you are out with baby a 20 minute outing running errands can easily turn into an hour long excursion and you realize that you are not fully prepared. I’m no expert by any means, but I would consider the following items the top ten necessities I keep stocked in my diaper bag at all times.


+Blanket – I like to have a blanket with me at all times. You’ll be surprise how handy it is to have one at your disposal. It can also double as a nursing cover (see below) for those brave moms;)

+Diapers – my equation is one diaper for every 1-2 hours but definitely pack extra to be on the safe side.

+Baby wipes – obviously if you packed diapers you need wipes. Travel packs are an easy option but consider sticking a few in a plastic zip lock bag to save a couple pennies and restock as needed.

+Changing pad – you can plop one down anywhere and be able to change baby without the fear of germs. But let’s face it, germs are the least of your worries. Now a days diaper bags come equipped with portable changing pads.

+Pacifiers – I understand that some moms are against pacifiers before a certain age, if they use them at all, but for me it’s a necessity. Stock a couple in a separate zip lock bag and store in an accessible pocket within your diaper bag. (linked is Remy’s favorite)

+Bottles – I am currently breastfeeding but depending on the timeframe I’m away from the home I pump and carry the necessary amount of bottles with me, however not all mothers breastfeeds. For those that use formula, I would suggest premeasuring and premixing a bottle to have at the ready. *For both scenarios consider storage temperature instructions.

+Burp cloths – I usually keep two handy when traveling away from home.

+Nursing cover – if you are brave enough to breastfeed in public, this is a must. I, unfortunately, don’t feel comfortable doing so…yet.

+Change of clothes – From the short time I’ve been a mother I’ve learned that there are always opportunities for accidents. These accidents can include spit ups or poop explosions, so carrying an extra onsie or three might be smart.

+Plastic bag – you can store dirty clothes, burp cloths, or even dirty diapers in this plastic bag. It will prevent contamination.


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