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Day 15: Life Lately

Reading: I’m not reading one thing at the moment it’s more like a couple of unfinished books. I’m furthest along in The Shack by William Young. I started reading it months ago during my lunch breaks, and so far it’s a great book mainly faith based, but then I just stopped reading. It is still on my desk at work. Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child is another book on my docket. I really should get more reading done on this one for obvious reasons. As embarrassed as I am to say it I’ve also started Entwined with You by Sylvia Day. It is the 3rd book in the Crossfire trilogy, very similar to the Fifty Shades of Grey books. Now that’s an eclectic reading list if I’ve ever seen one.

Listening to: The super cute sound effects of Miss Remy! These sound effects range from sleepy coo-ing noises, her cute attempts at conversation, and her not-so-cute crying. This girls’ got some lungs on her!

Thinking about: My lack of motivation to exercise. For someone who enjoys physical fitness and was doing so well pre-pregnancy, I have slacked off long enough. I just can’t seem to get motivated tho:( I am trying to pin myself to get motivated and back on track but I just can’t seem to get my ever-growing ass off the couch. I keep meaning to go on runs with Remy in her stroller in the mornings but that just doesn’t seem to happen. And once I go back to work I doubt I’ll have the motivation to get back in the gym.

Eating: Sweets! I thought my obsession with sweets was merely a pregnancy craving but recently it’s all I’ve been putting in my body. Red vines, fruit snacks, rice crispy treats just to name a few. I’ve always craved sultry/salty foods but since being pregnant that has all changed. My taste buds are ready to go back to their regularly scheduled program.

Watching: The Big Bang Theory. Seriously, how did I not watch this before? The show is hilarious!! Kevin and I have gotten hooked. After catching episodes on TBS every now and then we finally picked up season 1-5 and have been watching non-stop. I love Sheldon and his fashion sense;)

Bummed out: That there is only 2 weeks before I have to head back to work. I hate that I’ll have to be away from Remy for so long and it makes me nervous that someone else will be taking care of her. It makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about not spending my days cuddling with her or watching her sleep. I’m also dreading going back to a place that I loathe so much.

Loving: All the new Tumblr followers I’ve gotten within the last few weeks! Thanks for reading along! And that sentiment goes out to the non-tumblr readers, too!


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