Remy – Two Months Old

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I am still in total shock that Miss Remy is two months old. I feel like this past month of her life was a big one; she’s grown so much both physically and mentally! She’s starting to develop her own personality and my is it a great one:)


That non-existent routine I spoke about last month is starting to be come a legitimate routine! It’s nice to have some sort of schedule to go by now but I’m always prepared for any surprise or set backs. Once I go back to work (in about 3 weeks, boo!) this will all change again which I’m not looking forward to.

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She naps about 3-4 times a day (morning, early afternoon, late afternoon, and evening) and those naps usually last about 1-2 hours. If I’m lucky I get house work done or get some blogging in but that doesn’t happen too often since she’s usually napping on top of me.

Since our trip back east Remy has been sleeping in her bassinet through the night! This was a huge accomplishment and a transition I thought wouldn’t happen smoothly but luckily it did. Once she gets a little bigger we will start putting her to bed in her crib in the nursery, a transition I’m dreading.

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This past month Remy had a lot of firsts! She experience her first plane ride when we went back east for a  wedding. It was a surprise how calm and pleasant she was during both flights to and from Virginia. I’m thinking of writing a post about flying with a baby, what do you think?

(Update: I wrote a post on Tips for Flying with a Baby! Read it here!)

As I mentioned above, it was her first time officially sleeping alone in a bassinet. Seriously, this is such a big deal for us! It’s nice to be able to cuddle with the boy now on Sunday mornings, although sometimes after Remy’s morning feeding I bring her in bed with us for family cuddle time:)

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Remy got to meet her abuela for the first time! My mom absolutely adores her and instantly fell in love with Remy, but who wouldn’t?! She also met countless aunts on our trip back home. I feel like my cousins and my sorority sister ate Remy to pieces! Unfortunately she didn’t meet much family on this trip because of scheduling conflicts but we hope to rectify this when we got home for Christmas.

We also plan on doing a dedication at my family church when we go home in December! My cousin Jenny will be helping us out on this, since we asked her to be Remy’s godmother, which she accepted!

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She’s become a lot more vocal, it’s the cutest thing! She coo’s a lot and likes when you play with her cheeks or her nose, it’s adorable. I always try to catch it on video but she become mesmerized by my iPhone cover, so I never capture the moment.

She doesn’t like it if you throw her up in the air, she’ll cry bloody murder. She also doesn’t like it if you shake the bed as if there were in earth quake. Both Kevin and I learned this the hard way.

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At her two month check up Remy got 2 vaccines. I don’t think I’ve ever heard her cry so loud, it broke my heart. She turned as red as a tomato and cried actual tears:( It sucked real bad. I’ve already made a mental note to myself that when she gets old enough for ice cream that that will be her reward after shots, LOL!

Miss Remy is growing really well. She weighed 12lbs 2 oz., up 3 pounds from her last visit. She measured a whopping 23 ¼ inches long! That’s almost 2 feet, people! All her measurements put her in the 75 percentile for her age and her length, weight, and head size are now proportionate to each other, according to the doctor.

Our doctor was impressed with Remy’s leg strength. She can pretty much hold herself up if you are holding her hands. Our doctor suggested we increase tummy time, since Remy tends to keep her arms scrunched up by her chest in fists.

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This past month was a big one in Remy’s life. I feel like she is now paying attention at what’s happening around her. She likes to study everything, especially if there are bright light’s in the room! She’ll stare and smile, as if to be having little conversations with lamps and hanging lights. It’s the cutest thing! Hopefully for next month’s update I’ll be able to capture a picture where she’s smiling!


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