Dear God

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Day 10: Love Letter

Today’s blogtember topic is a love letter to someone in your life. It doesn’t have to be romantic, just a public letter to someone and I couldn’t think of a better person than my Father.

Dear Big Guy Upstairs,

I don’t think I thank you enough for all the great things you have given me. We when talk, most of the time I’m asking you for stuff: to watch over those in my lives, to give me confidence on a job interview, to give me strength when I think I’ve reached my breaking point. Today I thought I would show my gratitude for the amazing presence you’ve been in my life.

Thank you for giving me fortitude and strength when I’ve needed you most in my life. There have been a ton of struggles but I think they were put in my life to really appreciate the great people and events that I’ve gotten to experience.

I’ve never really considered myself a lucky person, there has been so much hurt and dark days in the past that I didn’t think luck was in the cards. I’ve come to realize that luck really has nothing to do with it. You have been there through EVERYTHING. While I might have thought you were absence when I’ve needed you most, you were there, you just wanted me to learn something from those experiences.

What I am most thankful for the most is this little family you have placed in my life. I thought I just got lucky with Kevin but then you brought Remy in our lives and we truly couldn’t be happier. Each day is a new adventure, good or bad, and from each new adventure we all learn something from one another.

So thank you for all that you have done for me. I truly appreciate it and couldn’t have asked for a better Father.




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