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Day 2: Three Months

If I could take three months off in my current life and do anything in the world I would love to do a summer do over. While I did have the last almost three months off on maternity leave, I was unfortunately restricted to the confines of my own home which can get pretty boring. I guess my do over would be more of a fast forward. A fast forward to next summer when Remy will be old enough to enjoy little adventures! I can’t wait to take her to the Phoenix Zoo, or on her first hike, or up North for some camping! Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying every minute of her being the itty, bitty baby that she is but I’m excited for her to become a toddler. To hear her first words, to watch her crawl or even walk around the house. It all seems like such a faraway time but I know that that time will fly by in an instant, which is why each and every day I smother her with kisses, admire her little toes, and cuddle her in my arms.

So here’s to next summer, to the next year of memories, to baby smiles and toddler squeals, and to everything in between!


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