Blogtember: A September Blog Challenge

For the month of September I am excited to participate in Blogtember, a month long challenge given to bloggers across the web by cutie pie Jenni of Story of my Life. I think this challenge will awaken my love of writing and hopefully get me blogging regularly again. It will also be a great way for FabAve readers to get to peel back the layers of who I am, as well as an awesome way to connect with bloggers across the World Wide Web!

The main challenge for me will be time given to actually write on each topic. You’d think that with my time off I would have more time to blog, but taking care of a baby that enjoys hours of snuggling makes it difficult to get to my laptop. Here’s hoping I can dedicate time to each topic, however if I can’t I won’t beat myself up about it.

Along with the Blogtember challenge I also hope to bring my regular outfit posts. Those posts will sometimes be accompanied by one of the Blogtember topics or will be separate post all on its own, it will really depend on how often I leave the house and actually get dressed for the day;)

Want in on the challenge? Click here and find out the daily topics for the month!

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