Remy – One Month Old

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Last week Miss Remy Maryn turned one month old! Man, how time flies; just yesterday she was born! I thought a great way to keep family and friends back east up to date on her growth was to publish monthly updates here on the blog. So here’s a recap on her first month of life:) Bear with me as I establish a format for this series.


No set routine has been established yet in our lives, we are really just playing it all by ear. Remy’s days are usually a wash and repeat scene of eating, sleeping, and pooping. Lately she’s increased her awake time, which has been nice because I like to use it for tummy time or tell her stories.

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Her day time naps usually last 1-2 hours and no more than 3 hours. Sometimes she naps in my arms or in grandma’s and sometimes in her play pen. She likes to be cuddled and held, which might bite me in the butt later on down the road but I’m taking advantage of this quality time.

At night, if we’re lucky, she wakes up twice to eat depending on when she goes to bed. I think she’s hitting a growth spurt because her naps aren’t lasting as long and she’s feeding more throughout the night. While it might be a total no-no, she sleeps in bed with us. I put a barrier between her and Kevin so there are no accidents. Sometimes she sleeps in her bassinet but that doesn’t last long.

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At her one month check-up she was given a shot, which she did not like one bit! It broke my heart to watch her reaction go from a wide smile to complete and utter pain. For the remainder of the day she did a lot of sleeping as a result of the shot. I’m dreading her 2 month check-up because she’ll be getting more shots:(

The doctor said she is growing well! Her head measured at 14.25in, which the nurse mentioned was big for her age but I figured she’ll have a big head like me and her daddy. She weighed 9lbs 6oz, putting her in the 52 percentile for her age and measured a whopping 22in putting her in the 92 percentile. The doctor mentioned that Remy had the head/neck strength and stability of a 2 month old, which made me feel proud!

She’s learning to suck her thumb, which I find absolutely adorable and likes to kick her little legs. She has some thick thighs, which she uses to stand around and really likes when we prop her up to observe the room. She’s very observant and likes to study peoples faces. Unfortunately she’s losing her full head of hair; it seems to be thinning. I’m told that it will all grow back but this gives her the opportunity to grow crazy curly hair like me, which I don’t want to happen. I guess we’ll see.

I’m eager to get into this next phase in Remy’s life! She’s becoming more observant of her surroundings, which is great. I hope to see more smiles and possibly laughs within this next month. Slowly her little personality is developing and I can’t wait to see what this next month holds.

With that, Remy leaves you with this pose and wishes you happy Thursday!

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