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Today the spunky and stylish voice behind the blog The Mrs. & the Momma Kristen, will sharing some great lessons/tips she’s discovered so far along her journey as a mother of FOUR! Yes, you read that correctly, four kids. But they’re super cute so I guess that’s okay!


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Motherhood is hands down the hardest job.  Period.

Over the course of having four children, I’ve learned so much…different things with each child.  I thought I’d share with you Fabulously Average readers some of the lessons/tips I’ve discovered so far along my momma journey:

1.  During those first few days of mommyhood, take it all in.  Write down your thoughts.  Smell your baby’s head incessantly.  Let everything that “needs" to be done wait.  Take time with your husband to just stare at your new bundle of joy and delight in those precious, life-changing moments.

2.  Those first few months are tough.  I love my children, but truthfully, I do not love the newborn stage (outside of that first week, of course).  If you’re like me, just keep in mind that it won’t last forever…and before you know it, your sweet baby will be sleeping six hours straight and nursing like a pro.

3.  Take any and all advice with a grain of salt, as well as use your own momma intuition to determine what’s right for you and your baby.  This applies to nursing, sleep-training, medical advice, discipline, etc.  If it doesn’t feel quite right or comfortable for you…it’s probably not.

4.  There’s a good chance your child will not be “just like you.“  One of my daughters and I have very different personalities, which challenges me on a daily basis.  It takes a lot of patience to understand that even though they came from you, they can be the exact opposite of you.

5.  Babies put immense stress on a marriage…especially that first one…but getting through all the parental challenges and triumphs together can strengthen a marriage like no other.  As a mother, I cannot imagine going through this crazy thing called parenthood without an amazing guy my children call “Daddy”.

I’m so excited for Joanne to be a momma! She’s gonna be a great one!

-Kristen The Mrs. & The Momma


A special thank you to Miss Kristen for guest posting today! These are definitely tips that I will have to keep in mind, especially #2!


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