Welcome Baby Girl

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letters above her crib

If you haven’t noticed by my absence already Baby Girl Mason has finally arrived, or shall I say Remy has finally arrived! Yes ladies and gents, exactly one week ago today I went in to labor in the wee hours of the morning and a couple hours later my daughter was born! But more on her birth story later. For those that follow along via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook you have gotten plenty of sneak peeks of my bundle of joy (i.e. you should totally follow FabAve via social media, duh!) and I want to thank you all for the sweet comments, tweets, and emails I’ve received since then. Its a small aspect of my reality that still feels like the old me, but those feelings can be expressed in a totally sepereate post.

I am completely and utterly in love with this little girl words cannot fully describe what I feel when I look at her, when she grabs my thumb and tries to slip it in her mouth, when she stares at me with those big dreamy dark blue eyes and studies my face. Gosh, she’s just so precsious. I want to gobble her up! Too much?

For those wondering about her name there’s really no real story behind it. I might have heard the name Remy while vegging out in from of the TV watching a Lifetime movie but that’s neither here nor there. LOL! Maryn (pournounced Mah-rin) was a suggestion by my mother-in-law. The fella and I liked how it fit well with all the first name options we had on our list and how it was unique. And there you have it, friends.

I hope you all enjoy the guest posts I have scheduled for the next couple of days. I do have some posts lined up for afterwards and hopefully when/if things die down here at the homefront I will be back to my irregularly scheduled blogging. Know that miss you guys like whoa! Until we meet again;)

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