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As mentioned here I have invited some of my favorite bloggers, that just so happen to be mommy’s too, to guest post for the next couple of days. First up is the stylish maven behind the style blog Marionberry Style, Marion! Today she will be sharing the 5 Things A New Mom Learns in the First 2 Weeks. Um, could this be any perfect for me right now? Me thinks not! Take is away Marion!


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1) Almost all the advice you were given is pretty much useless: 
Sure, your mommy friends and your sweet grandma (bless her heart) are all well-intentioned.  And some of them have some good ideas to share with you!  But you quickly find out that your doctor disagrees with you mom who disagrees with your best friend who doesn’t even begin to agree with that baby book! 

2) Your body doesn’t need as much sleep as you thought:
It’s amazing how alert and energetic you feel on such little sleep. 

3) You can’t do it all:
It took me two weeks before I caved and hired a housecleaner.  I was trying to clean during Cooper’s naps, but I was never able to do any deep-cleaning which totally stressed me out.  (side note: a housecleaning session or two is a fantastic gift to new parents!)

4) It’s okay to let other help:
If friends offer to bring over dinner, let them.  If your husband offers to fold the laundry, let him.  This was something I struggled with early on as I hate inconveniencing anyone, but people want to help you out and I found that once I let go of my hesitation, I was fully able to appreciate it.

5) You’re more capable than you ever thought you were:
I didn’t know what the heck I was doing when we brought Cooper home from the hospital!  But just as he was learning to adapt to his new world, so were we.  And now 5 months later…Cooper and I can look at each other and share a smile knowing that we made it through just fine.

Thanks so much for having me Joanne!  I can’t wait to see your new little one…
xo – Marion


Thanks Marion for great advice! I think these points are definitely things that every new mom needs to here. Am I right?


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