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A Letter to my Daughter

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Dearest Baby Girl Mason,

I’ve written and rewritten this letter a dozen times. Each time the words never sounded quite right. The love and affection I’ve felt for you these last couple of months didn’t seem to translate correctly, so I waited. And today, on the eve of your arrival it all just seemed to click. The abundance of joyous feelings both your daddy and I have for you doesn’t need to translate via the Internet because we have our whole lives to show you just how much we adore you. Once you arrive things will never be the same for any of us because I know for a fact that you will be changing our worlds for the better. Now I know there will be touch days, weeks, and maybe years but those bad days won’t ever take away from the fact that you are, and will always be, our most precious gift – our first born child.

There are so many hopes and dreams I have for you but most importantly, I hope that you are always aware that we love you and that we will always be here for you no matter what. I hope the journey I’ve shared with family, friends, and loyal readers here on FabAve is something that I can share with you once you are older. I want you to be able to see the love and excitement both your father and I had when we found out you were coming our way. I hope that what is documented through my words and pictures accurately depicts how much we loved and cherished you from the very beginning. It’s an odd feeling to love someone so much when you haven’t even met them yet but it seems so natural and right. We cannot wait to have you in our arms!

Welp, with all that said, we’re ready for your arrival! Any day now…

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