Pregnancy Update: Week 37

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  • So I’m pretty sure the nesting instinct has kicked in. The house might be spick and span and an urge to bake, which is really unnatural for me, is strong! Expect a couple recipes on the blog soon, lol.
  • The pressure in my lower region is cray! Standing for long periods of time gets exhausting. Baby Girl is slowly becoming a heffer!
  • I’ve had some killer Braxton Hicks contractions lately. I usually just wait them out but it’s weird to feel cramps again. I haven’t felt that pain in months, for obvious reasons.
  • Both the breastfeeding class and the baby prep class that I attended were incredible! Each class was 3 hours long but it totally didn’t feel like it. There was so much information and so many tips and tricks I was unaware of. Thankfully I was provided with reference guides for future usage which will definitely come in handy. I would recommend signing up at your local hospital for new mamas.
  • Next week will be a busy week at the Mason home! I’m packing my hospital bag and will finally get the baby’s car seat installed. The fella and I have already discussed strictly driving my car until the arrival of Baby Girl, since all the delivery day necessities will be packed there. Yikes!
  • I am now seeing my OB once a week and they are checking Baby Girl’s size, positioning, and whether or not I’m dilated. So uncomfortable and invasive! I guess I’ve gots to get used to it, huh?!
  • Without a doubt there is at least an hour during my night that I’m awake. During this time I write down post ideas, to-do lists, and anything else that seems to be keeping my mind busy.
  • The boy and I have started taking evening walks with the puppies as a way to 1) get some exercise 2) tire the dogs out before lights out and 3) to hopefully get into a rhythm and continue the routine one Baby Girl Mason arrives.
  • My mother-in-law arrives soon and I couldn’t be more excited! It will be nice to have family here during what will be sure to be a hectic time and to have the additional help in the early weeks of Baby Girls life. She’ll be here from July 9 till mid to late August. I’m happy to have extra hands, especially because the fella can only take 2 weeks off after delivery.
  • I have a mortal enemy, I call it heartburn. Can’t wait till I don’t have to deal with that anymore! It will go away after Baby Girls arrival, right?
  • Cankles are a real thing, ladies and gents.
  • Last night I had my first labor scare?! I was sure I was going into labor because my cramps were pretty strong. However I made the decision to hit the hay and wait it out, which was the right idea because I’m still pregnant today, LOL!
  • Current reading material: Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child. Apparently this is an amazing tool for setting up a successful sleeping schedule for babies, childrend, and toddlers.
  • Baby Girl is still pretty high, which means she hasn’t ‘dropped’ yet. But I have a doctor’s appointment today and will know more on her progress!


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