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With the arrival of Baby Girl Mason on my mind constantly, I’ve started to think about how I’ve been spending my time before her arrival. Once she’s here things will be different, it won’t just be about me and the fella, we’ll have to take into consideration the addition of a third family member. A welcome third wheel, if you will. This is such a special time in our lives that sometimes I don’t think we are quite taking advantage of it. While there is no right or wrong way to spend our time, I do think there are certain things that need to be checked off before Baby Girl joins the party.

Sleep in! Now this seems like an obvious treat but I don’t think I’m fully benefiting from this time before early morning feedings and midnight nightmares. During the work week I’m up by 6:15 and on weekends I consider it a luxury if I sleep in until 9am. It’s a rarity but something I can hopefully take more advantage of before baby.

Take is slow and take some time to reflect. Use this time to reflect on your life thus far. Are you where you’d like to be mentally, physically, emotionally? In your career? In the relationships that you hold dear to your heart? Now this might not be the ideal time to make any major changes but do set some time to map out how you might want to improve any areas in your life and discuss with your partner. This is something I catch myself doing often but need to take steps towards improving those parts in my life. Ahem, career.

Hit the dentist! If you’re like me then you might be aware of the major blood bath that occurs when you’re brushing your teeth. Apparently this is because you are producing more blood to pump through your veins. During pregnancy our gums become a haven for bacteria and it is crucial for us to regularly brush and floss on a bi-daily basis. I unfortunately only do the brush/floss routine once a day (yeah, gross) but I’m trying to counter act that by hitting the dentist twice during this pregnancy. I had my first one back in December and have one scheduled for June.

Take your baby-moon! A ‘baby-moon’ is the trip you take before the arrival of your bundle of joy. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or necessarily romantic, but a trip where it’s just you and your spouse valuing your time together. I’m happy that the fella and I were able to visit family and friends back East in February, and were lucky enough to squeeze in our birthday trip to San Diego. I’m hoping that we might try squeezing in a couple of day trips to Sedona, Tuscan or Prescott before July.

Establish a date night! Before we found out about Baby Girl Mason the fella and I had already had this idea into effect. Saturday nights are meant for dinners out and/or a movie if there’s something good out. We are huge movie junkies and with the summer blockbusters out in full force this year we’ve taken full advantage, especially because after the arrival of Baby Girl this ritual will surely stop for a little while.

Get a prenatal massage! I’ve definitely taken advantage of this and have had my share within the last couple of weeks. This can get pricey however I’m a member of Massage Envy which rolls overs any unused appointments for the month. I currently have 8 saved up and plan on squeezing in a couple more massages before July when they start rolling over again because they’ll be unused. *Note – make sure your masseuse is a certified prenatal maser.

Once baby arrives getting out of the house will become a difficult task, especially in the early months, so take this time to hang out with friends! Unfortunately the fella and I don’t know many people here so we haven’t been doing this as often as we should but we do get out with our married friends every now and then. I myself am going to definitely start calling up my girlfriends for lunch dates soon!

Get a pedicure! Something I haven’t done during these last couple of months is enjoy the little luxury that is a pedicure. The alone time, the massage, the finishing results – it’s all such a great experience that I haven’t taken advantage of. Hmm, maybe I’ll schedule one for this upcoming weekend! I know for sure I want to try and get one before delivery.

Unlike the time spent during a baby-moon or a date night, spend some quality time with your significant other. I remember reading somewhere that it’s the little moments that make relationships unique and lasting, so time spent with your spouse shouldn’t be limited to date nights or time in bed. Kevin and I strictly reserve Friday’s for takeout and catching up on our favorite shows (Elementary, Suits, Chicago Fire, Iron Chef, to name a few). There’s no getting dressed up – I usually look like slob with not a lick of makeup on and he’s usually in basketball shorts and an undershirt. I love Friday’s because it’s just him and I in our element, sharing commentary, and just stuffing our faces.

Get a haircut. I’ll be honest and say I haven’t had a professional haircut since the introductions of the bangs (RIP) in October 2011, yikes!. I’ve trimmed my ends but I’m in dire need of a good snip. Unfortunately it’s not as easy for me to get a haircut as it is for most. You see because of my outrageously curly hair my roots need to get touched up, i.e. chemically relaxed, but this can’t be done during pregnancy. So I’m basically waiting till after the arrival of Baby Girl Mason to go about updating my do’.

Am I missing anything? Do you have any other suggestions on things to do before baby? Do share!


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