The Name Game


There is a lot of pressure when naming a baby because it will be with them forever. Not to mention the added stress you may get from family members to name the baby after them or a deceased grandparent. Fortunately we didn’t get much pressure from the fella’s side of the family, but that’s not to say I didn’t get an ear full of names from mine!

While Christmas shopping last year (right before we revealed the news) I picked up a baby name book because naturally I was excited. Ironically that afternoon Kevin came home with a book of names as well. For weeks our routine became dinner and name debates. We’d browse through the books and read out loud any names that interested us. The one’s we liked would be put on the list and the one’s we didn’t would get vetoed; our evenings basically became a reenactment of this scene from our favorite show. There were A LOT of veto’s and while our list did grow, it became clear one of us would have to compromise.

From the beginning I searched for girl names because I had that motherly intuition, at least that’s what I’d like to call it. So the list contained mainly names for girls. When the gender of Baby Girl Mason was confirmed it felt good to go back to the list and reevaluate what we had and adjust accordingly. However weeks, no months, went by without a decision. We couldn’t decide on one central name but had the middle name already set. Kevin’s mom had texted us a couple of names and one of them just seemed to click with all of our possible names. It’s like one of those middle names that go with everything (Leah, Marie, Jane, etc.) but not, which made us like it even more. Yet time passed and we couldn’t decide on first name.

Recently I’ve gotten a lot of questions about Baby Girl Mason’s name and whether or not the fella and I have settled on one. The answer to this is finally YES! After what seemed like constant debate we settled on a first and middle name combination we both like. I have to say, it was more of a compromise for Kevin but he finally gave me the OK after a hitting up the Social Security website to see name popularity (great idea!). We both wanted something unique and uncommon and both our names weren’t even ranked in the top 100.

Now our dilemma is whether or not we’ll be sharing Baby Girl Mason’s name before she arrives. There are a few people that know her name but we’ve asked them to keep is on the down low. What do you think? Should we share her name or keep is quiet until her arrival?

Here are some of our runner ups:

  • Winter
  • Arianna
  • Rory
  • Zara
  • Olivia
  • Alma


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