The Mother I Hope To Be

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[My mother and I; 1986]

I frequently think about the type of mother I will be for Baby Girl Mason. Will I be like my own mother, doing everything in her power to provide a stable roof over our heads even if it meant working herself to the bone? Will I be like my grand-mother, who always instilled a good work ethic in maintaining a clean, functioning home? Will I be like my God-mother, who was strict but was kind enough to step in and be a mother figure in my life when my own mom was unable to be one?

With mother’s day right around the corner I thought it was only appropriate to share some thoughts on the type of mother I hope to be to Baby Girl Mason. Please feel free to leave little stories about the women that have made a difference in your life and the difference you hope to make for your [future] children.

I hope to be a mother that encourages my children to always dream big; to believe in themselves and to not be afraid to believe in the unbelievable. I hope to be a mother that imparts values to my children. I hope that they understand the difference between right and wrong, to always do the right thing, and to lead by example. I hope to be a mother that listens to her children. I want my kids to be able to talk to me and feel comfortable doing so. I hope to be a mother that puts a little fear in her children. I want them to recognize that I am the law; if I give them the ‘look’ or address them by first and middle names that they know to behave. I hope to be a mother that shows love to my children. I hope Baby Girl Mason knows that I will love her each and every day, even days when I may be disappointed in her. I hope that she knows that there is nothing she can or cannot do that will make me not love her. I hope that Baby Girl Mason hopes to be like me when she grows up. I hope she looks up to me as someone she admires and ultimately respects. I hope to be a mother that can laugh and be silly with her children. While I want to establish myself as an authority, I hope that they can be goofy around me, laugh so hard that it hurts, and know that I will always giggle at a good fart joke. And lastly, I hope to be a mother that will learn from my parenting mistakes. I hope to learn patience along the way. I hope to realize that I won’t always be right. I hope to learn a lesson in parenting everyday and eventually be the kind of parent that God wants me to be.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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