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There are days when I get dressed and there’s nothing spectacular about my outfit. I’m just a normal girl and not the self-proclaimed fashionistas I aspire to be. While the little nuances of a simple outfit are what make me love a look more than another, I sometimes wonder if the look in general is blog-worthy. And that got me thinking, what necessarily makes an ensemble blog-worthy? Is it the addition of black framed reading glasses, the ever-so-present chambray shirt, a killer pair of  shoes from Zara, or the constant name dropping of J.Crew, Madewell, and Anthropology? I’m not going to lie; sometimes fashion/style blogs sicken me. So much consumption, materialism, and constant speak of the ‘next big trend’. But in a way, that’s what I signed up for. While you won’t get me whoring my purchase from the aforementioned retailers you will get more wallet friendly options, but isn’t that the exact same thing. The answer is yes. And that makes me no different than the top tier bloggers.

Every day that I blog, every post that I publish I want to bring you authenticity and unfortunately in such a saturated industry it’s really difficult to be original. There was a time where all I wanted from the blog was money and recognition but if you’ve noticed, which I hope you have, those days are long behind me. What I do want is to inspire women to not be afraid to stand out a little in a crowed without having to put oneself in debt doing so. I’m so tired of wondering how certain bloggers get noticed when other, more novel bloggers, barely shine in the lime light. Is it the brands they push on to their audience? Is it the work they claim put into their craft? Is it the way they look? I’m afraid we’ll never really know. Not truthfully at least. And that makes me sad.

I truly hope that every day that I blog here on Fabulously Average is a day that I stimulate someone’s creativity. I hope to astound you with the fact that I didn’t have to spend a penny over $60 to look and feel fabulous. I hope to help you utilize you wardrobe in the most effective, imaginative ways possible. I hope that the way I look, the way I write and that what I share about my life helps at least one person realize that it’s totally okay to be average. Is what I wear blog-worthy? Maybe. Maybe not. Is this blog worthy of recognition from IFB, the top lists on Bloglovin, or mentions from local fashion groups? Who knows. But those questions aren’t the ones that are truly important to me.

Do I love what I do here, on this corner of the Internet and adore the people that support it 100%? I’d say yes. Do I smile from ear to ear when I receive a sweet tweet, a kind email, or a thoughtful comment? Don’t you doubt it one bit! Do I hope to come across as a genuine, passionate writer? Abso-fucking-lutely! Know these are the questions that encompass my importance in the blog community.

[End of Rant]

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