Pregnancy Update – Week 25

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  • Tomorrow I hit week 26 in this pregnancy journey. While I wouldn’t say this is the most difficult thing in the world I don’t understand the women that say they miss it. The aches and pains, the mood swings, the weight gain? I feel like I’m going crazy every day. This also might be due to work related stress, so…
  • Lately I’ve found it really difficult to get dressed. It’s like I’m doing a 30 for 30 remix challenge. There are so many pretty items in my closet that are off limits (they don’t fit) and the select few I’m remixing all the time. I really don’t want to buy more pregnancy clothes and think that I can get by with what I’ve got but it’s going to require weekly laundry sessions.
  • Currently the only aversion I still have is to egg yolks. I can’t eat scrambled eggs but a fried egg over easy is digestible.
  • Everyday I’m wondering what Baby Girl Mason will be like. Will she be an introvert like her father or a social butterfly like her mother? What physical features will she inherit from us? My kinky hair? My hubby’s green eyes? The one thing the fella and I are sure of is her height. Baby Girl will be a tall one like her parents:D
  • I’m still craving greasy, unhealthy food. What’s up with that!? Why can’t I be craving salads or fruits? Very few healthy foods satisfy my hunger, it’s getting ridiculous.
  • The morning sickness is still constant.
  • I’m sleeping better throughout the night, thank goodness! Relentless potty breaks but falling back asleep has become effortless. I think is the giant pillow I nestle between my knees. Life saver my pregnant friends, especially if don’t want to invest in the infamous body pillow.
  • I’ve become a very unpleasant person to be around in the morning but you would notice this if you follow me on Twitter.
  • The decorating process of the nursery will hopefully begin this weekend. Paint has been purchased and wall decals have been delivered! We’ve received generous baby gifts from friends back home (a glider seat and the crib), which definitely helps since we don’t know many people here in Arizona. With that said, some of my lovely Phoenix blogger friends are throwing me a baby shower later this month! I’m so excited and already contemplating what to wear.
  • Last checkup appointment had me tipping the scales at 160 lbs. 20 pounds, ya’ll. TWENTY POUNDS! And I still have the entire third trimester to look forward to. Boo!

On a completely different, personal note – happy 18th birthday to my little sister Natalie! You are legally an adult, so don’t do anything stupid from now on cause you’ll be charged as an adult;) I love you and I’m so freakin’ proud of the woman that you’ve become. I’m still nervous for you upcoming adventures in college but I have complete trust that you’ll always do the right thing. I love you!!

*Wearing HM maternity denim [similar], Target maternity tee [similar], Target leopard flats [similar], Peacock Plume Necklace


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