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4th Annual Beer and BBQ Festival

Like I mentioned yesterday, this past weekend the boy and I attended the 4th Annual Beer and BBQ Festival in Downtown Chandler. We’ve been lucky enough to attend 3 years running and this year I thought I would share some snapshots. I really hope I was able to capture the Southwestern charm of the cute town that is Downtown Chandler. Just looking at these pictures rekindles the yumminess of the smells and tastes of that very beautiful Saturday. Enjoy!

photo IMG_4000_zps1669c9bc.jpgphoto IMG_4002_zps7fab8c60.jpgphoto IMG_4008_zps68d0a6d2.jpgphoto IMG_4013_zpsfe52824a.jpgphoto IMG_4014_zps5109b410.jpgphoto IMG_4010_zps4797d6c0.jpgphoto IMG_4015_zpsc55abf36.jpgphoto IMG_4017_zpse7710c44.jpgphoto IMG_4018_zpse71e1ae9.jpgphoto IMG_4020_zpsa0db8cd3.jpgphoto IMG_4022_zps09780c74.jpgphoto IMG_4023_zps06999c93.jpg

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