Maternity Style Tips: Wardrobe Staples

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I thought I would reach out the maternity crowd out there, as I myself am obviously expecting a little one come July. Since one of the main pillars of FabAve is bringing affordable style options to the everyday recessionista, why not do the same for the expecting mama’s that read along (don’t worry, I know you’re out there!)? Finding reasonably priced items to stock in your wardrobe during pregnancy is a harder task than one would expect. The prices are astronomically higher than that of regular pieces, which doesn’t justify the cost per wear philosophy, as it will end up sitting in your closet after your nine month sentence. So after much deliberation I’ve come up with a list of wardrobe staples many fashionistas already have available to them and ways to stretch you current wardrobe well through the pregnancy without ever setting foot in a maternity store.

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SHOP: leggings, striped tunic, tee, flats, booties

Frist up are leggings/jeggings. They are extremely comfortable and easy to throw on under a tunic, an oversized men’s button up, or a roomy tee. Leggings or jeggings(the denim-like equivalent) pair well with gladiator sandal, riding boots, or ballerina flats for maximum comfort. For full coverage invest in a pair that are thicker than the average pair of leggings. Target carries ponte leggings that are not translucent and super comfortable (you can find in different colors too!). Kohl’s also offers heavier fabric leggings and the Vera Wang for Kohl’s collection carries cute denim-like jeggings with sufficient stretch.

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