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The Ugg-ly Truth

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In the blogosphere it’s a major faux pas to not only sport a pair of Ugg boots but to admit that truth by documenting it via your blog. Uggs are reserved for the pajama wearing college student or the adolescent high school teen, so when I donned on my ratty, old pair for a day of sight-seeing in DC with the fella, I hesitated in taking these pictures and posting them on FabAve. But I thought to myself: this is in fact a personal style blog – with an emphasis on personal. Currently my personal style is focused on being comfortable, all while trying to express a little of myself to the world. And on this particular cold day on the streets of DC I chose warmth and comfort over style and pain. If I’m going to be walking around for hours on end I didn’t want to finish the day complaining about how much my feet hurt so I opted fugly, ladies and gents, and if you don’t like, TOUGH!

*Later that night for dinner, I swapped the Uggs for these booties.

photo IMG_3819_zps520e4d6d.jpgphoto IMG_3820_zps6e67ec6a.jpgphoto IMG_3821_zps1520d722.jpgphoto IMG_3818_zpsc1b2e824.jpg

Get the Look: Dress/Victoria Secret’s [similar maternity styles here and here], Hoodie/Macy’s, Jacket/SheInsider [similar], Beanie/Target, Uggs/Macy’s, Bag/Local Boutique, Necklace/Target,Sunnies/Target


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