Pregnancy Update – Week 19

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Happy hump day, my lovelies! I hope your week is going well! Today I thought I would share some updates on how the Baby Mason Adventure 2013 is going, for both readers and for friends and family back home. This is something I hope to do during the remainder of this journey. Enjoy and please feel free to share any exciting news going on in your lives!

  • If you follow FabAve on any social media platform (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine – fabulously average!) then you might have heard the news! The fella and I found out are expecting a baby girl! From the start I had a feeling we were having a girl. That right there is maternal instincts at their best, my friends.
  • Right now I’m not having any strange or outrageous cravings however if you suggest something I’m usually on board with it. Taco bell, sure! Five Guys, why not? McDonald’s, number 10 please! Let’s just say my decision making abilities have left the building.
  • I currently have an aversion to eggs (gross) and can’t stand the smell of coffee.

  • Today I am 19 weeks and 5 days. On Friday I hit the big 2-0. 5 months down, baby! Well, almost.

  • I know this is usually information women don’t share, especially not over the internet but I really don’t care. Weight before baby: 140lb. Current weight: 154lb. for a total of 14 pounds gained. According to this website I am 3 pounds over the high end of my target weight range. Apparently I should cut back on the fast food, huh. Now, ask me post baby and I’ll probably decline to answer.

  • My sleeping is going as well as it could right now. I usually get up at least once during the night and have to sleep with ear plugs if the fella is beside me because of his snoring. Right now he’s sleeping downstairs with our pup Chandler, which had knee surgery on Monday. Since the pup can’t go up the stairs for the next couple of weeks it will just be me and Phoebe (our other puppy) sharing the king sized bed.

  • Aches and pains include the inevitable back pain, which gets me after eight hours at work, and heartburn which Tums usually cures after a couple minutes.

  • Getting dressed is interesting as I don’t quite fit into legitimate maternity clothes but what I carry in my closet is too small. I’ve purchased a couple new pieces, which include oversized tunics, tees and jeans. They will do for now.

Wearing Old Navy pants [in blue]

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