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I’m alive! Sorry for the 2013 hiatus I was unaware I was taking but sometimes life takes precedence over blogging. You know what I’m saying? Today I’m taking a cue from Aussie friend Corinne of Life Etc. and sharing some updates a la her Good, Bad, Ugly posts.


  • Glad to announce that I’m currently in my second trimester (17 weeks along, to be exact) and happy the nausea has finally subsided! Seriously though, it was as if I was hung over 23 hours a day. Not a fun feeling.
  • I’ve got so many fun ideas for FabAve that I hope I can put into fruition. I also plan on bringing back some past series like Currently Craving and How to Style.
  • Excited for some fun trips the fella and I are trying to plan before the munchkin arrives. Possible weekend trip destinations include Prescott, Tuscan and Scottsdale. Wanderlust, anyone?
  • I finally have my energy back, which has resulted in weekend gym visits. It feels good to be back in that atmosphere! However my pre-pregnancy workouts would put my current workouts to shame. Hey, at least I’m getting my body moving again.


  • This outfit is from 3 or 4 weeks ago. I meant to post at a timelier manner but blogging just got away with me. If I wore this today I would sweat through my clothes! Spring has sprung here in AZ, which has me dreading what summer will have in store for us.
  • I’m currently in that stage where I’m pregnant but not ready for maternity clothes. It’s odd to dress my body when everything fits differently. It’s a very awkward process that has me going a little crazy.


  • Spider veins are disgusting. Enough said.
  • Since getting knocked up I’ve become a lazier bum than I had been already. Our house is a complete mess and if we ‘clean’ its superficial stuff that only look decent but trust me, it’s not. How am I supposed to get anything done when I can’t get off the couch? I feel bad for the hubby who has taken on my chores. He’s a keeper, obvi.

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Get the Look: Skirt/Madewell, Sweater/H&M [similar], Boots/Vera Wang for Kohl’s [similar], Tights/Kohl’s [similar]


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