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To say I’ve been neglecting the blog is an understatement. The month of November was a hectic one at the Mason home and I had to step back from Fabulously Average and reconsider what my priorities were. To be completely honest with you, I was putting way too much pressure on myself to post on a daily basis, which only resulted in a complete and total blogger burn out. So here I am, still confused about what I want this blog to be and saddened by the fact that I dread sitting in front of my laptop and coming up with a post. Which brings me to a decision; I’ve decided to change things up a bit and by a change I really mean a redirection.

About six months back this blog was also lifestyle based. I shared my recipes with you and occasionally shared tidbits of my life alongside outfit posts. Then suddenly one day all that changed. I blame the fact that I was too caught up with being like the style blogs I admire most. So I focused on just clothes and I was fine with that, bringing regularly scheduled Wardrobe Diary posts, Currently Craving posts, How-to-Style and Fab Finds posts. But sometime last month I woke up and was fed up – fed up with my style, with Fabulously Average, with the numbers and fed up with the blogging community in general. So much so that when I stopped frequently posting, I also stopped reading blogs all together.

But I miss it. I miss the community of it all. I miss your sweet comments and advice. I miss expressing myself and letting my creative juices take charge. So instead of quitting the blogging thing all together (trust me, I considered it) I won’t be posting a frequently as before. I’ll also be bringing back the lifestyle aspect back to the blog – sharing recipes, home décor ideas and projects, and sharing what inspires me. You’ll still get outfit posts, just not on a regular basis; day light savings creates a blogger-wide problem for us all!

I sure do hope you stick with me during this transition. I want to thank you for your continuous support and appreciate you all so much. Here’s to change, right?


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