How to Style: Pumped Up Kicks

There are a handful of trends that don’t necessarily make it big in the fashion world. While some gain a small following of supporters willing to sport the trend without judgment, many shun the looks and ban them from their closets. However bloggers like The Man Repeller embrace these band of misfit trends and showcases the looks in a way that make them seem somewhat cool. Example: high top wedge sneakers.

When I first saw the chunky show I didn’t quite get it. Sure, the fashion industry was attempting to elevate the sporty chic look to a whole nother level but with wedge sneakers? However, while I was perplexed by the trend I was also intrigued. Intrigued enough to try on a pair and fall madly in love with the blob of a shoe. Enough so that I bought myself a pair and have been wearing them nonstop ever since. Here are 3 ways I’m planning on styling my new wardrobe go-to.

What do you think of the trend? Yay or nay?

pants, tee, jacket, bag, shoe

skirt, peplum, cardigan, bag, scarf, sneakers, necklace

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