If You Really Knew Me…

I am diggin’ the rustic, all American feel of this outfit. I feel like it could easily be an American Rag magazine Ad. Of course it would be with a thin, leggy blond with too much eye liner, but you catch my drift. I thought I would do something a little different today. I got inspired by Myrna’s ‘If You Really Knew Me’  post from a couple weeks back and loved how I got to know a little more about her. So here’s a little about me;)

If you really knew me…

 …you’d know that I have a total of 11 tattoos ,all fairly small all over my body. Looking to get two more in the near future.

…you’d know that English was my second language. I grew up in a Hispanic household however have completed acclimated and have no accent. On the contrary, I have an American accent when I speak Spanish.

…you’d know that my two front teeth aren’t real! Tragic wheel barrel accident when I was 13 severely damaged a nerve in one tooth and I had a triangular chip on both. Years of continuous chipping and a dark tooth and finally before my wedding I got them fixed! Thank goodness for veneers;)

…you’d know that I named my little sister. If it was up to my mother her name would have been Star and it almost was. At around3am on an April morning back in 1995 on our way to the hospital I convinced my mom to name my soon-to-be-sister Natalie. My mom was seriously setting her up to be a stripper.

…you’d know that I may be the clumsiest person on Earth. No exaggeration here. I am constantly running in to table corners, walls and doors. And you don’t want to know how often I run into the equipment at the gym! Note random busies on my legs or arms in outfit pictures for proof.

…you’d know that my sense of smell is pretty dead on. My husband is always constantly surprised at how easy it is for me to smell something and recognize what it is. A foxhound has nothing on my nose.

…you’d know that I’m lacking a sweet tooth. I would consider myself an ‘itos’ girl. You know, Doritos, Cheetos, Tostitos. You get it.

…you’d know that I might as well be a teenager; I have the worst taste in television. I love Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf, 90210, Gossip Girl, you name it I watch it!

Get the Look: Skirt/H&M [similar], Chambray/Old Navy [last worn], Sandals/Blowfish Shoes, Belt/IDK

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