Friday’s Fun Five

Friday’s Fun Five! A new series here on FabAve summing up the weeks adventures, accomplishments and silly little musings that I’ve recently come across. Enjoy!

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  1. The above phrase is one I’ve been mulling over a lot lately. Unfortunately I’ve come down with blogger envy and need to put things into perspective. Thought I’d share with more than just my Pinterest followers.
  2. I was honored and thrilled to be featured in Genny’s Small Town Style post last Friday! She did a week full of colored denim and I, unintentionally, had done the same! Check out the feature here!
  3. While on vacay I’ve been Instagram-ing like a mad woman! Nature is rather breath taking and I’m lucky to have seen all its wonders! See some of the beauty here
  4. Sweetie pie Britt of Secondhand Magpie mentioned me in her From Blog to Real Life post last week. We did in fact bond over all things potatoes and sparkly things. No seriously, we had an in-depth conversation about french fries and different ways to prepare them. The power of the frie;)
  5. An older feature but I thought I’d share anyways. I had the privilege of being included in LYLIF’s The New “It Girls” of Fashion post a couple months back. Excited to be among some of my faves!

See you guys with a trip recap on Monday! Have a great weekend!

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