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While I’m away I have some great ladies that have stepped up to the plate to guest post for me! Get excited because this is a great bunch full of personality, beauty and let’s not forget style!

Today you have the pleasure of meeting Rachael of Rachael Really. This girl is one of a kind; spunky, witty and has impeccable style! However today she’s turning the tables on us and bringing us a recipe post. Guess who’s trying out this recipe when she get’s home…me!


On my own blog, I’m a bit of a camera hog and tend to stick to what I know and love, clothes and shoes. However, I’m feeling adventurous these days and thought, where better to experiment outside my realm of comfort than on foreign soil?

A few months ago, I banished most animal products from my life. Cheese and the occasional sushi roll set me back, but overall, I’m a veggie-saurus. However, artichokes have been a part of my diet for as long as I can remember. There was a comical night when my husband and I were still dating where my mom steamed a few of these strange veggies up and my dear, sheltered husband made a valiant effort to enjoy the experience. I might have maybe forgot to tell him about “scooping the fuzz out of the heart” and he might have maybe ingested some unwanted refuse. All that aside, he really loves them now and eats them with me regularly.

One issue has always lingered, what to dip those tasty leaves in that is equally as tasty but not heart-attack inducing? My favorite growing up was melted butter with lemon juice. I KNOW. My dad and many others prefer mayonnaise. I KNOW, AGAIN. I mean, lets not ruin a perfectly healthy veggie with perfectly unhealthy additions.

I came across this recipe in my Blueprint Cleanse book and knew I had to share, because it’s really just so tasty, and so much better than all that saturated fat.


Start by cooking up your ‘chokes. I usually get lazy with this and stuff a single artichoke into a microwavable steamer bag for 6 minutes. A step down from THAT lazy would be to place the ‘chokes in a small glass dish with a quarter inch of water, cover with plastic wrap and place in the microwave for 8 minutes each. If doing more than one at a time, 6 minutes per ‘choke. You can certainly get really fancy and steam them over the stove, grill them or roast/bake them, but that’s a recipe for a different day.


  • ½ cup raw cashew pieces, soaked in water for one hour, drained
  • 3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
  • 4 cloves of garlic, pressed or minced
  • ¼ water
  • ½ cup extra virgin olive oil
  • pinch of salt

Blend or process all ingredients together until smooth and velvety. I use a magic bullet for things like this, clean up is really easy.

You’re all set to dig in! I usually pull my leaves from the bottom, dip and then scrape the meat with my teeth. Make sure you have a big bowl nearby for discarding leaves. Remember to scoop out the prickly fuzz growing just on top of the tender heart, and then break that into pieces and dip them as well.

If you’ve never tried artichokes before, I hope you do give them a try. If you have, but you dip the leaves into something less than ideal, now is your chance to try something better for you. It’s really tasty too, I promise. Oh and do stop by my blog – Rachael Really. I love meeting new people and sharing my style and pretty pictures with them.


Thanks so much for guest posting today Miss Rachael! This recipe looks absolutely delicious and would be perfect for a small get together! Again, make sure to stop by her blog, Rachael Really, and get to know her!

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