The Right to Bare Arms

Living in Arizona I’ve had to accommodate to the sweltering heat we tend to get during long summer days. I’m not talking about days were the temps reach a mere 100°; I’m referring to heat waves of 115° plus…for two weeks straight…with no rain or a warm breeze to help a sista out. For this reason I have to dress appropriately because let’s be real, I have Dominican and Italian blood running through these veins, so I’m a sweater. Like upper lip, cleavage, brow dripping type of sweater. Not sexy at all and as a blogger (and a decent human being) I like to look my best at all time but it’s difficult to when I’m constantly drenched in my own private pool of sweat. Enter my favorite summer must-have: the sleeveless button up. Perfect for days where I need to air out my pits (sorry, there was no ladylike way of getting around that fact) and it still provides a fashionable alternative to tops with sleeves.

My obvious favorite is a sheer option, as it can be styled seductively for a romantic summer night or paired with a delicate camisole underneath for some coverage.

I’m also digging a tunic length alternative. It can be styled up with colored skinnies, like I did above, or with opaque leggings for running errands.

Another sleeveless button up choice I’m loving right now is the contrast collar option. It’s fun and adds another layer of complexity to an otherwise plain outfit.

And last but certainly not least, the sleeveless chambray! The perfect substitute to the usual chambray button up, this top offers better ‘breathing’ room, while still keeping things classic and trendy.

To see more ways to style this summer trend, head over to Refinery29 for ideas!

*Post inspired by Refinery29

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