The Pursuit of Happiness

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The Pursuit of Happiness. That’s everyone’s goal, right? We all essentially want to live happy, healthy lives full of love. I know that’s what I want my life to consist of. But as I was sitting at work yesterday, miserably looking at my computer monitors, I realized how unhappy I am. You’re all aware of the struggle I am currently facing in figuring out what my life’s purpose is but there are other aspects in my life that could definitely benefit from me taking action. I’m not accustom to complaining as frequently as I have been, and I apologize if I’ve done it far too often here on the blog but am I starting to annoy anyone other than myself? I need to stop and do something about it. Career woes aside, there are other pieces in my life that could use improvement.

First one being, my health. I’m generally an active person; I like to play sports, enjoy exercising (after the fact, of course) and take pleasure in activities like hiking and biking. However for the past couple of months I’ve sat on my ass (pardon my French) and have glued myself to the couch. Because there’s a lack of physical activity I’m slowly losing the confidence that I once had in my body. I feel like if I were to hike Camelback Mountain tomorrow, my body would fail me. I also want to get back into yoga. I originally started it up to improve my posture and clear my head but like all other activities that require possible physical exertion, I let it fall to the wayside.

Next personal improvement I want to work on is my social life. I kind of don’t have one. Don’t get me wrong, my blogger friends (Angela, Kristianne and Nadia) are kind of awesome but I only see them every now and then. I want to make more of an effort to hang out. The feeling I have after we have our Cambodian dinners is pretty amazing. They have a way of making me feel special, teaching me about fashion and cracking me up! Essentially they make me feel like I have a circle of women here in Arizona, maybe not as tightly knit as the group from back home in DC but definitely getting there.

Let’s get real though, I’m lacking in the motivation department. But that all ends this weekend. I plan on dedicating my Saturday to applying to jobs, joining a gym and freeing up my lazy time and hang out with friends. Which is why I came up with a plan, and I’ve decided to document this plan on FabAve for the accountability of it all. I once read that if you’re setting goals to make sure you are sharing those goals with others, otherwise you’ll have no one to answer to if you flake out.

The Steps:

  • Find a job that I LOVE (or at least can tolerate)
  • Implement a weekly workout routine (and do it)
  • Socialize and work on lasting friendships

So, anyone out there looking for a partner in workding on their goals? I would love to connect via Twitter so that we could keep track of each others’ progress/accomplishments/setbacks etc.

I would also love to hear any goals that you have set for yourself this year! Any New Year’s resolutions going strong? Or have they all fallen apart? Any tips!

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