Happy Birthday FabAve!

I’m happy to say that one year ago today I started Fabulously Average as a girl just looking to start up a hobby. What was meant to be a blog about curating content by others that I found interesting has drastically changed. I soon realized that I wanted to be the one expressing my voice and opinions on life, love, food and obviously style. This blog has transformed and has grown so much within the last year, it’s certainly gone beyond my expectations. I seriously cannot believe how fast this last year has flown by and just how much my little corner on the World Wide Web has brought into my life. I’m still stunned by the whole experience. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some seriously amazing and talented people along the way, people that I would happily call my friends, even if I haven’t met some of them in person. This year has been pretty major.



Within this last year I’ve learned so much. About blogging, social media, fashion and especially about myself. I’ve learned that a blog is what you make of it. You set your own rules and get what you put into it. I’ve learned that blogging is hard work. But if its work you are passionate about, you’ll have no problem putting your blood, sweat and tears into it. I’ve learned that I value style more than I value fashion. I find style way more influential than fashion because its subjective. I’ve learned that I not only want to inspire others through FabAve, I want to inspire myself. With that inspiration I wish to grow. I’ve learned that not every outfit needs to be documented. Especially the bad ones! I’ve learned that it’s not about the number of followers I have on Twitter or Facebook. However it is rather rewarding to watch the numbers grow and get a gauge of how many people enjoy listening to me complain;) I’ve learned that just because I’ve been blogging for a year, I’m not an expert. I want to continue to learn and grow within Fabulously Average and within my life.

I want to give a special thanks to Joa Jean who is the mastermind behind FabAve’s design. Without her the blog would be a disaster. I know nothing of HTML code or design and credit her for the amazingness of the blogs aesthetic. She’s kind of awesome! I especially want to thank you, the readers, because where would my blog be without you? It’s been really fun growing the blog, and more importantly I am loving the comments I have been getting from loyal readers/friends. I’m feeling the love and to be honest some of your comments have kept me from going crazy this last year! So keep ‘em coming! As an extra special thank you to my readers I have some fun giveaways planned for the entire week! It’s really a weeklong celebration of you, for your constant support and sheer awesomeness! I am super excited for what I have planned for this week, so please check back every day to enter each great giveaway! Stay tuned for today’s a little later;)

Thanks again for a wonderful year! Now help me make this next one kick-ass!

          *A very special thank you to Brenda Eden for taking these awesome photos!

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