Birthday Wishlist

I’m happy to (obnoxiously) report that my birthday is right around the corner! If we were in elementary school I would have brought a bevy of cupcakes and would have worn my light up princess sneakers. If we were in middle school it would be cards to my birthday party at the skate park in my jelly sandals. And if we were in high school I would be wearing my favorite baby blue Vans and an invitation to meet at a secret location to drink the bottle of tequila I stole for my mom. Oh, how I’ve changed. Now I can buy my own bottle of tequila! SCORE! There are a couple of ideas I have for how I would like to spend my special day this year, but one in particular was a pipe dream as it required the landscaping of my backyard to be done in less than a couple days. However, we found a landscaper that was within our budget and things are going to get crankin’ up in here! Cinco de Mayo/birthday party at my house! Can’t freakin’ wait!

This year I decided to cut my husband some slack. I tend to ask for huge gifts, well over the modest gift realm. Why? I don’t know. It’s not like I think I’ll get them but I figured if you’re asking I’m going to go all out. Strange concept, I know. This year however I want to give the fella options that won’t cost him an arm and a leg.

I’ve been coveting one of the infamous 1. Spike the Punch Necklaces for far too long and would love to have one in my possession one day. Ever since the fella gifted me the new camera for Christmas I’ve been wanting to upgrade to a 2. 50mm 1.8 lens, which I hear creates great images. A girl can never have enough nail polish and this 3. Essie collection would be perfect for Spring! After posting this 4. ASOS jumpsuite on FabAve’s Facebook page as the pick of the day I’ve been eyeing it and would love to pair up with some fun gold chain jewelry. Speaking of fun jewelry, 5. Derng has become one of my fave Esty shops for great chain pieces. Currently craving this, this and this. Remember this post and the declaration of a new blow dryer? Well 6. Misikko is known for their state of the art beauty tools and I would love to upgrade my clunker for one of their professional hair dryers. I’ve been reading Kate’s blog, O, My Heart for a while now. So when she started making jewelry and debuted O My Heart on Esty I’ve been fiending over this 7. Rope Necklace! I already have a pair of boots and cute summer wedges from Blowfish but the 8. Rulla in red would be perfect for adding a pop of color in a otherwise simple outfit. 9. As you can tell from this post, I’m coveting this ModCloth 9. Banjo hat.

I’m obviously going to have to do a little shopping here soon;)

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