Sponsor Spotlight: April

I’m super excited to introduce to you FabAve’s April and May sponsors! This batch of sponsors  are such business savvy, talented women; I’m very happy they wanted to collaborate. Along with some other shops/e-commerce sites/estian’s, these sponsors will be contributing to a very special time here on Fabulously Average later this month. But enough about that, let’s get to the introductions!


JennieClair is an online shop consisting of elegant ,handmade jewelry and accessories. The creative maven behind it all is Jen, who describes here jewelry as investments pieces. JennieClair jewelry is beautifully crafted, hand-dyed high end pieces perfect for adding that last touch of grace to any outfit. I’m currently craving the Rose Quartz Ring and the Lucky Horseshoe Necklace, which I hope to purchase once I’ve re-entered the world of shopping.


You’ve probably already read my rave reviews before,so I’m uber excited to be collaborating with oh so adorable mastermind behind Signature Style boutique, Kirsten. Signature Style boutique offers affordable, fun and spunky jewelry perfect for the everyday recessionista. A local desert dweller like myself, Kirsten hand picks an elite selection of pieces each month to be highlighted as a collection. She also has what she calls Facebook Fan exclusives, which are a selection of pieces that change weekly and sometimes have special offers like free shipping!


Not a sponsor but definitely worth a shout out is Purse and Clutch! I recently joined the affiliate blogger program and I couldn’t be happier or more proud. Jen Ardill is the humanitarian behind Purse and Clutch, an online shop which offers handmade, hand woven and hand painted fair-trade products. P&C’s products range from clutches, purses and totes all chic and reasonably priced! The mission and focus behind Purse and Clutch is to create jobs for those under privileged and in need in underdeveloped countries. For more information or a better look at P&C’s cute pieces click on the banner to the left!

*Note: I do receive a small commission for any products purchased through my banner Ad. However this did not hinder my views or opinions, as I truly believe in Purse and Clutch’s mission.

So there you have it! The lovely sponsors for April and May. Make sure to stop by each sponsors shop and take a look around!

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