As you’re reading this I am home, lying in bed, recovering from strep. Yep, I’ve caught the big S. But as you can tell, I’m a stylish sick person. Apparently I’ve been walking around sick for the last couple of days. I’m one of those people that refuses to admit their sick. I see it as weakness, lol. But nonetheless I’m admitting it here and now.

This outfit is from yesterday. I was already feeling crappy so I thought, “why not throw on a dress that makes me feel fabulous!” And it did, until I strolled out of Urgent Care with instructions to hydrate, pick up meds and steer clear of humans because I’m contagious. Awesome. But I still stand firm that I’m digging my outfit and it did make me feel fabulous. And did you notice? The last time I wore this dress I also paired it with animal print. It just goes, I guess. Oh, and do you love my clutch as much as I do? So cute, right? More details on it’s awesomeness tomorrow!

Get the Look: Dress/Old Navy, Blazer/Burlington Coat Factory [similar], Clutch/Purse and Clutch, Shoes/Michael Antonio [similar], Bracelets/Derng and Stella and Dot (c/o), Sunnies/Sunglass Warehouse (c/o), Belt/Target [similar]

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