[TxSC] A Picture Says A Thousand Words

                                                       Genny, Betsy, Rachael, Sarah

When I was deciding how to put this recap together I considered many different options. I could bring you the play by play on different events, making sure not to leave out any of the amazingly stylish details. Another possibility was to just provide images with short, descriptive captions. However the anxiety started to build as I stared at my screen on the plane back home to Phoenix. I wanted to provide you with the perfect summery of what was the Texas Style Council Conference but that’s impossible. I don’t have the time and I definitely don’t have the energy; TxSC wore me out y’all. So this post is the culmination of indecision. Essentially I’m going to be throwing pictures at you. But don’t worry, there will be more ‘recap’ posts to come throughout the weeke and anything I leave out can be found on any one of the amazing blogs that also had the chance to attend the conference this past weekend. I’ll try to link up recaps from other bloggers, so keep an eye out on FabAve’s Facebook page or on Twitter.


                                                        Genny, me and Jessie

                              The sisters behind the Style Dossier: Libby, Katy and Mandy

                                                       Kendi and her hubby Bryan

                                                                   Jill, Linda and I

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