Pack-n-Play: TxSC

Although the Texas Style Council Conference is no NYFW, fashion is still a major selling point for this weekend; most of us are personal style bloggers after all. Packing has plagued the minds of the TxSC attendees for the last week, proof given by the fact that many ladies have tweeted about the task at hand. With all the fun and informative events we’ll be taking part of, I’m sure I’m speaking for all when I say we want to look our best. However with the recent news that it will be raining the entire weekend (really?) we’re all trying to edit our outfit ideas to incorporate water friendly items.

I myself haven’t officially started the packing process yet (yeah I know, bad blogger) but I always seem to leave those sorts of things for the last minute, as in Friday morning.  I’ve got one outfit down for sure but as for the rest of the weekend I’ve got nothin’. So tonight I plan on dedicating my evening to coming up with outfit ideas for the weekend…and backup outfits of course.

What will you be bringing with you to TxSC?

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