When you have the (self-proclaimed) title of personal style blogger, being on top of your game is a must. You can no longer walk out of the door with sweats (even if they do say Juicy on the rear), in Ugg boots or without a label to throw around. HA! If only you saw some of the getups I come up with on my spare time, you would laugh…and possible point. I unfortunately do not abide by these ‘rules’. I, like many others, have off days. Some, in fact, that I’ve documented on this here blog. There are times I scroll through and wonder my motives behind certain outfits but it’s okay; this is a journey not a race (is that the phrase?).

Lately I’ve acquired the knowledge to edit what I post on FabAve. But I don’t mean edit as in Photoshop, more like withholding certain outfits that just don’t cut it. This has been happening a lot actually. Reason being I’m in a rut! I can’t seem to get inspired by my wardrobe but know it’s a must because I can’t be spending when I have that ‘I have nothing towear’ feeling. So while I’m in Austin, attending the TxSC, I’ll be getting inspiration from the other attendees. I’m going to use this time to not only get to know my fellow blogger but also as a chance to refresh my mind on style, not just mine.

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