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Did you hear? Google Friend Connect (GFC) will no longer be available for non-Blogger user as of tomorrow. This change will definitely be affecting FabAve because this blog is hosted through Tumblr, meaning GFC (on the sidebar)will be gone and all the friends I’ve accumulated over the last couple of months will disappear. Apparently Google decided to end their support contract for GFC starting March 1st in an attempt to have people use their Google+ tool. Sorry, not going to happen. Instead I will rebel against the man! I’m not going to let this minor speed bump sever the ties and friendships I’ve made! Below I’ve provided alternative ways to follow and keep up to date with Fabulously Average. 

Hellocotton: Easy form to follow FabAve, very similar to Bloglovin’ in that all of your favorite blogs are rallied up in one place. However, I think Hellocotton is a little better and less about popularity. I love this community and have found so many new, amazing blogs through it. Note, you don’t have to have a blog to create an account and follow along! [Click to follow]

Bloglovin’: Again, all of your beloved blogs are collected into one place for your reading pleasure. Notifies you when the blogs you follow have been updated.     [Click to follow

Twitter: I update friends when new posts are up but like many others Twitter is my soapbox for random musings and a great way to follow along in my everyday life. [Click to follow]

Facebook: Support FabAve by ‘Liking’ on Facebook! I include links to posts on the blog and sometime includes additional links and photos that I don’t share on the blog. [Click to follow]

RSS Feed: Subscribe to updates through FabAve’s RSS feed! [Click to follow]



I also wanted to thank y’all for all the support you’ve given me these last couple of months, the sweet comments you leave and the awesome emails I get. You don’t know how much it means to me that you follow along with my life and style journey. Gracias from the bottom of my heart! 

So what are your thoughts on Google’s decision to disable the GFC widget for non-Blogger hosted blogs?

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