Lace and Leather

Lace and leather are considered classics in my book. They’ve both stood the test of time, making appearances decade after decade with style. Separately they evoke totally different looks but together they create a yin and yang effect of grace and edge. I really love this outfit; it’s easy and simple yet packs a lot of punch without trying too hard.

I’d confidently say that both leather and lace are investment pieces. They’ll always be on trend and can easily be styled for both an edgy and/or ladylike look. I think either item can always be found a tlocal department stores. And if you willing to pay a little extra, do it! The better the quality the more wear you’ll get out of them. You can also scope out your local thrift/vintage stores for good quality items for fairly low prices.

I myself I’m eager to get my hands on a lace pencil skirt, preferably in peach or maroon but have had many unsuccessful thrift trips. Lookingo nline has also been fruitless. However, I’m holding out because it’ll totally be worth the wait!

Get the Look: Skirt/Vintage [similar], Shirt/Rue21 [similar], Flats/TJ Maxx [similar], Ring/LYLIF, Necklace/Esty [similar]

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